Exotic Pearl

Official Profile and Information About Lombok Pearl and Jewelry, Indonesia


Tour Pearl Farm

Although there are many articles that explain about pearls and jewelry, our buyer and customer definitely would want to see pearl process alive  Well, you would lucky enough! We...


Jewelry Service

Aside of selling ready stock jewelry, Exotic Pearl receive request order based on buyer preference.  If you have your own design and would like to made by our craftsmen, please ...


Warranty Money Back

Purchasing in wholesale and retail, would get warranty money back 100% ( exclude postage), if those pearls that we shipped were evidently fake.  However, we must crosscheck and...



Certificate of Authenticity

Most buyer and customer who bought pearls jewelry definitely wants an original pearl, yet some of them ask for guarantee. And this is one of Exotic Pearl preeminence. We are not only giving warranty 100% money back, moreover, giving you Certificate o...


Guarantee Exchange

You probably wondering if the jewelry that we shipped were safe and had guarantee. Most buyer were concerned about this. To compliance your necessity of safe and pleasant about it, we give you warranty to exchange the jewelry if it was broken. You co...


Pearl in Multitude

Many other pearl store would give you quality for its pearl. We would like to do the same. Sadly, pearl quality is depend on pearl's breeding. We don't want to give you promises that our pearls have more best quality. However, we can assure you tha...


Wholesale and Retail

As many pearl's store, we also receive request order in wholesale and retail. But unlike others, we are not circumscribed purchase in certain amounts.  Moreover, we would give certain discount in each wholesale and retail products (term and condit...

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